Tootsie Roll Program

Tootsie Roll Program


36 Noodles in single box

56 in stock

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The Designer Noodle pool noodle is the hottest pool product to hit the market in recent years. With eye catching patterns and designs that add color and fun to your pool area. Spandex material covers a buoyant foam noodle, protecting the noodle and aiding in the prevention of environmental damgages. Lasting longer and keeping all the foam in tact so it doesn’t end up in your pool filter. Not meant to be used as life saving device. Bathing suite like cover, protects the noodle from breaking apart. Last 3 times longer than standard pool noodle. Noodle length is 58-inch with a diameter of 2.6-inch Multiple colors and designs.

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Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 58 in

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